Thursday, October 11, 2007

All Roads lead to ... but hope still there

How To's of following:
1- Interpret & justify Right & Wrong?
2- Always win hearts of people around you?
3- Pronounce yourself as a good person ?
4- Help the poor & needy.?

Have good day!

A Saga of globalized racial extermination or genocide

Is it another brutal face of capitalism or a civilized, gentle, kind perspective of socialism?

Terrorist attacks (started from 9/11 .. Pakistan, India, Iraq, Afghanistan), Darfur, African, cambodian, armenian, bosinan genocide & other. Do you feel crumpled or be sufficient to share the truth that would be on everyone's lips.

This world is beautiful, what we people need is to fight against radical people, racial discrimination, fake personalities, the bogus leaders. I am sure to say that UN, G8, SAARC & all others are not going to help us on it. We have to keep this world safe & happy place for everyone.

Learn to Live In Peace...
Thank you!!

Have a good day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My dearly lovely parents:

Allah! Please bless my parents (Abu & Ami) with all the happiness, blessings & good fortunes. Bless them long life. Amen!!
Abu-Ami, i have the whole ocean of words to speak about you & it's really tough job for me to do so in a single go; I don't want to miss a single thing from my childhood - pre-school to drop-out ;) - job - ...... from my tricycle - triscooter - your vespa ..... and till now. I am totally engulfed in your care & love. Without you i will be nothing..... Cheers!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Understanding myself: [Mirrors as on Apr-25-2007]

Oftentimes, I do not understand myself. This statement however is in no way meant to raise importance of any kind, and neither is it bombastic ;). I really don't understand myself,the more I try to, it gets me nowhere. So I settle conclusively in understanding that let others to work on it & ...

Opinions & impressions: (Mirrors as on Apr-26-2007)

Opinions & impressions can't be imposed, only inspired, if they mean to work. I made some mistakes & all of sudden things went downhill. But now, I like people to go over my blogs. I love people point out things both with reason or no reasons. I have to take all known & unknown jabs because I let my feelings be known (Mirrors) to get more & more chances to keep myself improving. Take care of others not of yourself and.... do you think this is all to know me. Nahh!