Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mirrors - Opinions & impressions

World & What We've Done To This Our Own World!

So define World! Is It?

  1. The inhabitants of the earth?
  2. The human race?
  3. Human Society?
  4. Human Sphere?
  5. A particular way of Life?
  6. All, that affects the life of You, Me & All of Us?
  7. Respect - Honor
  8. Pureness
  9. Love Care
  10. Acceptance to Failures?
---- OR ----
  1. A Regret From the Truth of Thousand Lies?
  2. Erase of Our Own Existence?
  3. A Slate With Complete Uncertainty?
  4. A Stage Where the Fun Lies in the Living of Poors?
  5. Filthy mouths?
  6. Where half the words don't mean a thing?
  7. A Fear of Jeopardy?
  8. Hate - Killings?
  9. Pursuing The Dreams?
Do the Best Match!!!!!!.


  1. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Hi Irmão!
    hehehe, i've find out your blog and just left my message. Take care friend.
    From ur brazilian friend, Júnior.

  2. Hey Irmao!

    Thanks buddy. :).